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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For 7 years we have been supplying the former USSR countries with original vehicle spare parts.

The spare parts market for original vehicle spare parts in Russia will increase by 20% in the next year, as more and more vehicles are being sold, because vehicles have also been bought on credit for a few years now.

All manufacturers have poor logistics and take between 4 and 8 weeks from ordering to delivery of the spare part. This state of affairs is not customer-oriented.

In recent years, many companies have developed in Moscow such as www.exist.ru that order spare parts centrally in Germany and then deliver them to the regions. The prices are high and the delivery time to the customer is around 14 days.

As a participant in the Russian presidential program, I learned during my visits that the regions themselves seek contact with Germany in order to buy cheaper than in Moscow. In addition, you can save 2-3 days in the delivery time if a truck (3.5 t payload, goods value approx. 25,000 euros) drives directly from Germany to a certain region in Russia. It is possible to deliver this amount in the big cities with a corresponding market position. A customs station on site is advantageous so that the goods can be brought directly to their destination.

We have been doing business with Moscow companies for about 5 years, but we also want to find partners in the regions for the reasons mentioned.